Hurricane Disaster Supplies & Equipment

Development of a Hurricane

Development of a Hurricane

Hurricanes & Other Disasters can strike with very little warning, which is why it’s so important that you are completely prepared and have all disaster supplies and equipment in place before there is a hurricane warning on the TV, well before the water starts creeping under the front door and well before the strength of the winds goes beyond what my Grandmother used to call “a good laundry drying day”.

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Hurricanes can cause all sorts of problems, and even if your property is not directly in the path of the hurricane and affected first hand, it don’t mean that you’re gonna’ get away scot free. Apart from the very obvious problems caused by hurricanes and tropical storms like the possibility of storm surge and other flooding, high winds etc, there is also a very real possibility that your electrical power supply will be cut . . . for a potentially long period of time. Sometimes it can take weeks, even a couple of months before it is safe or even possible to restore electrical power from the National Grid, so having an emergency electrical backup generator is a really great idea.

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Hurricanes also make thousands of people homeless every single year, and even if you’re one of the lucky ones who can safely return home after only a couple of days, where are you gonna’ stay in the mean time? With the neighbor? Chances are they’ll be evacuated from their home too. With family? Well if the roads are down and you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere for the foreseeable future, how about carrying an Emergency Tent with you, it don’t have to be anything fancy like you see on the regular car camping sites each summer, but an Emergency Tent really can help to keep you warm, dry and safe. Emergency tents save lives.

There are lots of different situations when knowing how to make an emergency shelter can save your life . . . so learn this stuff now before it’s too late. If you do buy an emergency tent then learn how to put that up too . . . preferably with your eyes closed.

Hurricanes can also make one feel completed isolated, and if you don’t know what’s going on in the outside world, if you’re stuck inside your property without electricity, or if you’re stuck on the road somewhere in a seemingly eternal jam of a whole neighborhood trying to flee the scene of the hurricane, it’s important that you can keep abreast of what’s going on. If the authorities need you to evacuate your property, then you need to know so that you can follow their advice. If the hurricane has made the road on your pre-planned escape route impossible to pass, then you’ll need to know that too. That’s why it always helps to have an Emergency Radio handy, with fully charged batteries plus a load of spares, so that you can keep well informed on all of the latest hurricane developments and plans.

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Hurricanes are renowned for knocking the power out, we’ve already established that, and although it’s dangerous and scary enough to cope with hurricane emergency conditions during broad daylight, what about if the hurricane strikes after dark? That situation is even more dangerous and scary. Hopefully you’re one of those really organized people who has a safe area within your property for if a hurricane strikes . . . and what is one of the main recommendations for choosing this hurricane safe area . . . yep, well away from windows. An Emergency Flashlight or two, in fact, one for each member of your family plus lots of spare batteries can make the whole hurricane emergency experience a little easier to deal with and a little safer for you and your loved ones.

Hurricane preparedness is vital in order to survive the types of emergencies caused by hurricanes . . . make sure that you, and your family have all of the hurricane disaster supplies and equipment they’re gonna’ need.

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