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Hurricane Katrina in the Gulf of Mexico near its peak Category 5 intensity (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Sale of Hurricane Storm Shelters on the Increase

The sale of hurricane storm shelters is rising quickly across parts of the United States, and it’s really little wonder. The reason for the rise in sales of these hurricane storm shelters is the increasing ferocity and regularity of hurricanes, after all, you can replace material things but you can’t replace lives, and hurricane storm shelters save lives!

It’s becoming increasingly popular to actually have your hurricane storm shelter inside the house. I know, I know, hurricane storm shelters are usually buried in the back yard close to the house, visible only by their entry door in the earth’s surface, but there is a great school of thought which believes that if your hurricane storm shelter is actually inside your house it’s much easier to get to if (or when) necessary.

Modern hurricane storm shelters are made up four walls, each 10 inch thick with a triple locking system hurricane proof door and are built to withstand the impact of a flying car . . . how’s that for security? You can have these hurricane storm shelters installed either within the home or within the backyard.  They can be installed in numerous rooms throughout the house . . . the pantry, the garage, the master bedroom . . . wherever they’ll fit.

You can pay anywhere between $3,000 and $10,000 for a hurricane storm shelter (although rebates are available from the FEMA to some homeowners who live in high risk areas) but as I’ve already said further up the page, property can be replaced, lives cannot!

If you want a little more information about hurricane storm shelters, either above or below ground, then check with the Federal Emergency Management Agency . . . they’ve got a comprehensive list of designs and guidelines.

Hurricane storm shelters really do save lives.

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