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. . . The Biggest, Baddest Hurricanes of Them All

Hurricane Katrina – covering 80% of New Orleans with water and a final death toll of 1,836 people. 90,000 square miles of damage, over $150 billion in damage and economic impact . . . Hurricane Katrina certainly was a big, bad hurricane with more than 70 countries helping with monetary donations or some other type of assistance.

Hurricane Andrew – before Hurricane Katrina arrived and knocked it off the top-spot, Hurricane Andrew, in 1992, had been the most costly Atlantic hurricane in the history of the US, the equivalent of around $47 billion at 2011 rates.

Hurricane Emily – was the first category 5 hurricane to happen in the notorious season of 2005. Causing around $1 billion of damage and 15 deaths, it was only the beginning . . . much worse was to come.

Hurricane Rita – was the third category 5 hurricane to occur in the infamous 2005 season. 113 people died, both directly and indirectly as a result of Hurricane Rita, and more than $10 billion of damage was caused.

Hurricane Wilma – was the fourth category 5 hurricane of 2005, with 29 direct and 39 indirect fatalities. The most intense hurricane ever recorded in the Atlantic basin it’s one of the five costliest hurricanes in the history of the US, just short of a staggering $30 billion in today’s money.

Hurricane Dean – was the worst hurricane which the 2007 season had to offer, the most intense since Hurricane Katrina two years earlier.  40 people lost their lives as a direct result of Hurricane Dean, with another 5 indirectly, and around $1.6 billion worth of damage.

Hurricane Felix – followed shortly after Dean, and was the second category 5 hurricane of 2007.  Hurricane Felix hit the land at Nicaragua on exactly the same day as Hurricane Henrietta hit the Baja California Peninsula across in the eastern Pacific. Hurricane Felix was responsible for the deaths of 133 people and caused more than $750 million of damage.

Hurricane Humberto – also deserves a mention in this list. Now hurricane Humberto was pretty minimal compared to some of these other bad boys and girls, but it was scary in that it was formed and intensified quicker than any other hurricane tropical storm on record before hitting the land.  Around $50 million of damage and only 1 fatality, it’s pretty surprising given that the so little warning was given.

Hurricane Noel – not unlike Humberto was quite minimal in strength, just a category 1 hurricane, but was the costliest and most deadly of the 2007 hurricane season. With 163 people dead and a further 59 missing, $500 million of damage in Cuba alone ($742 million altogether), Hurricane Noel surely earned its place on the list of recent major hurricane disasters.

Hurricane Ike – arrived in Septmber 2008 and is the third costliest hurricane disaster in US history, surpassed only by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Andrew, with damage estimated at around $37.6 billion. Almost 200 people died because of Hurricane Ike, which also resulted in the single largest evacuation of Texas in the history of the state. Hurricane Ike was also responsible for the largest search and rescue operation in the history of the US.

Hurricane Irene – is still battering the eastern coast of the United States, no-one really knows how many deaths or the cost of the damage she will responsible for . . . yet!


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