Hurricane Preparedness: Car Survival Kits

A flat automobile tire.

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. . . . Because You Never Know When You Might Need It

Hurricanes aren’t the only disasters which can strike while you’re in the car (in fact, your car is not a good place to be in the middle of a hurricane . . . but they’re good for escaping a hurricane if you get out early enough).  Anyway, cars have trunks for a very good reason – to carry things in. And what should you really have in the trunk of your car? A car survival kit . . . that’s what. They don’t have to take up much space, there should still be plenty of room for your golf clubs or your weekly shopping, but it really is a very good idea to carry a car survival kit . . . just in case you need it.

If a disaster strikes whilst you’re out on the road – breakdown, accident, flat tyre, roadblock, hurricane – it’s great to be in a position to call for help, and then to help yourself or others around you until assistance arrives. Alternatively, it’s a great idea to have a disaster survival kit in the car in case you have to continue your journey on foot . . . food, water and medical supplies really can mean the difference between life and death. What about if an emergency happens whilst you’re at home and the car is parked safely in the garage . . . well, what a great idea to have your survival kit already stashed in the car . . . you can just jump in and drive without having to think about gathering up any essentials.

Car Survival Kits – What You Might Need

  • Water – you never know when you might need it
  • Food – this needs to be of the non-perishable variety! Energy bars are a good idea and can be kept for ages
  • Flashlight – with working batteries. Carry some spares just in case
  • Blankets, ponchos or body warmers . . . something to keep you warm if you’re stuck out on the road on a freezing cold night  . . . brrrrr
  • First aid kit – just the usual stuff which can make such a difference
  • Pocket tissues – come in handy for all sorts of things
  • Tow rope
  • Battery jumper cables
  • Tire puncture sealer
  • Reflective triangle
  • Reflective safety vest (one each . . . if your car carries 5 people, carry 5 safety vests)
  • Shovel – you never know when you might need it
  • Duct tape
  • Bungee cord
  • Notepad and pencil
  • Deck of playing cards to help while away the hours

He’s lovely isn’t he, I like him . . . nice cap too.  I wouldn’t mind him coming along with his emergency car survival kit if I ever got stuck!

Food in a bucket . . . who would ever have thought of that?

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