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. . . All You Ever Wanted to Know About Hurricanes but Forgot to Ask

Hurricanes are always in the news these days, particularly between June and November time (the hurricane season), but what are hurricanes? Where do they come from? How do they form?

Hurricanes are literally a recipe for disaster. Mix up the right ingredients and sometimes, just sometimes, it will end in mayhem and destruction. You might find small consolation in the fact that the vast majority of potential hurricanes never even reach the land, they just fizzle out at sea with nothing more than a splash. It’s when a hurricane does reach the land that the trouble really starts.

Hurricane Facts

  • Hurricanes are “born” at sea, with a warm moist atmosphere lurking above tropical ocean seas.
  • The majority of these hurricanes “die” again at sea, as they pass over areas where the waters are cooler.
  • The first recorded hurricane to hit the United States happened in August 1635 . . . there have, however, been thousands since then.
  • Hurricanes have the heaviest rain and the most violent winds in the eye wall, the thunderstorms and cloud rings surround the eye very closely.
  • The worst of the damage caused by hurricanes isn’t caused by the wind, it’s caused by the storm surge, a giant wall of water which is pushed onto the shore by the howling hurricane winds.
  • The majority of deaths in hurricanes are caused by these storm surges, the giant walls of sea which are pushed inland.
  • Typically, a hurricane will deposit between 6 inches and 1 foot of rain across the affected area.
  • Slower moving hurricanes actually produce more rainfall and, quite surprisingly, will often cause more damage than the powerful, fast-moving hurricanes.
  • Hurricanes are measured in categories, but don’t let that fool you into a false sense of security. Hurricane Floyd barely managed to reach category one on the scale but still uprooted around 19 million trees and caused more than a billion dollars worth of damage.
  • A hurricane is actually a strong tropical storm, once the winds reach 74 miles per hour or more it is then classified as a hurricane.
  • Hurricanes are the only weather disasters to be given individual names . . . usually female . . . wonder why?


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