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The American Red Cross

The American Red Cross is a wonderful example of an organization, people, volunteers, communities, strangers who become friends all helping each other when disaster strikes. Hurricanes do cause devastation for thousands of families every year, and it’s lucky that there are organizations and hurricane relief agencies like the American Red Cross which are not only there to help pick up the pieces, but to help the communities to be prepared before the hurricane even strikes.

The American Red Cross provide hurricane emergency assistance, disaster relief and education throughout the United States to help people to deal with hurricanes, floods and other emergencies.  The HQ for the American Red Cross is in Washington DC, but there are local divisions all across the United States ready to help out whenever they are needed to help prepare for a potential hurricane, clean up after a hurricane, provide food and shelter after a hurricane as well as lots of other ways of supporting the local communities.

You never know how you can be of assistance to the American Red Cross, helping those who help others . . . makes you feel kinda’ good about things don’t you think?


The American Red Cross has been helping people for 130 years, with the American Red Cross Nursing service formed a little later in 1910 (I’ll let you do the math, it keeps the brain active). There is now a huge network nationwide with over 650 chapters (that’s what they call them in the Red Cross) and 36 regions for giving blood, each and every one of them making a tremendous difference in both saving lives and helping communities and individuals to prevent, get prepared for and respond to hurricanes and other emergencies.

The American Red Cross has over a million volunteers (like Gabby in the vid . . . there are all sorts of ways that you can help) and 30,000 employees, all ready to help the victims of hurricanes and other emergencies. Although the hurricane season does naturally take up a lot of the time and efforts of the American Red Cross, they also help out with tons of other emergencies too; floods, fires, earthquakes, hazardous material spills, explosions, tornadoes . . . in fact all kinds of emergency both man-made and natural.

How Does The American Red Cross Help With Hurricanes

The American Red Cross  helps in many different ways, both before, during and after a hurricane.

  • providing food
  • providing shelter
  • providing medical services
  • providing mental health services
  • providing translation services to those who need them
  • providing blood for hurricane and other disaster victims
  • providing training for people to prepare for a hurricane or other disaster
  • handling inquiries from family members outside the disaster area who are concerned for their families

The American Red Cross and Hurricane Katrina

Hurricane Katrina proved to be an enormous challenge in many ways for thousands of people in our country, not to mention one giant head-ache for the American Red Cross. The unparalleled disaster was forecast before Hurricane Katrina actually hit in 2005, and the American Red Cross had already enlisted the help of an extra 2000 volunteers in anticipation, they were all on “stand by” and ready for action.  During this mother of all hurricane seasons, Katrina, Rita and Wilma really kept the American Red Cross busy, opening 1470 emergency shelters across the country, registering a massive 3.8 million overnight stays and utilizing the power of 300,000 workers (82% of them were unpaid volunteers) to help meet the needs of the thousands of people affected during hurricane season.

The American Red Cross, people meeting the needs of the people in even the worst hurricane disasters.

Okay I admit it, the video quality is not that great . . . but the message still comes across LOUD AND CLEAR!


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