Hurricane Preparedness: Emergency Food & Water

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. . . . You’ve Got To Keep Your Strength Up

Hurricanes  cause all sorts of problems, you can be left stranded for days, even weeks without power, without water and without access to the local grocery store. This is exactly the reason why you need to have a good supply of emergency food and water for just in case you ever need it. This doesn’t just mean a well stocked refrigerator you know . . . you need stuff with a long shelf life, stuff that won’t perish, stuff that’s easy to prepare. Let’s take a look at a few ideas.

Emergency Water – we might be able to last for a few days without food (allegedly!!!) but nobody can last very long without a good, clean water supply. The experts say that we should allow at least 1 gallon of clean water per person per day, for a minimum of 3 days, although it’s a good idea to allow for much longer than that. The flooding associated with hurricanes can quickly and easily contaminate the water in a whole community and can take weeks, even months to sort out. A good supply of fresh, clean drinking water is essential to keep everyone healthy.

 Hey, haven’t I seen those buckets somewhere before? Those 5 gallon buckets are actually a great idea, one bucket per person to last for 5 days, or two buckets per person to last for 10 days . . . yeh, I can do math too!

Emergency food – the first thing to remember is that your emergency food supply needs to be non-perishable. Canned foods are good, particularly those which are “ready to eat”, but don’t forget to have a non electric can opener handy too. Emergency food does kind of go against the grain for some people, you know how we spend our lives looking for low calorie options (well, pretending to anyway), when you’re stock piling your emergency food you need to find stuff which has a high calorie content. Calories give you energy so for those few days or weeks when you’re stuck with your emergency rations . . . don’t both counting, the more the better.  Okay, let’s make a list:

    • Canned foods (including non electric can opener)
    • Dried foods – you can get all sorts of packets these days which just need you to add water and wait
    • Noodles, rice, pasta – good for energy and last for ages
    • Energy bars – some of these have a shelf life of up to 7 years, so you certainly won’t have to worry about them getting out of date
    • Peanut butter – a hurricane or other emergency gives you a great excuse to eat lashings of peanut butter
    • Crackers (for your peanut butter of course)
    • Paper plates, dishes and plastic cutlery is a great idea . . . easy, hygienic and no need to wash up

Remember, you need to have enough emergency food stashed for 3 meals per day for each person for a minimum of three days, although the really smart cookies will have enough food stored for much longer than that . . . . mmmm, did somebody say cookies?


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