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Emergency radio - 2010-12-12

Emergency radio - 2010-12-12 (Photo credit: 4nitsirk)

Keeping You In The Know

Hurricane emergencies cause lots of different problems, often taking out the power lines, sometimes for days on end, even though it’s so important that people are kept informed about the prevailing weather conditions. The NOAA emergency radios are vital in order to give you immediate information about possibly life threatening events which are happening now, or are about to happen in the very near future. Time is often of the essence in these hurricane emergency situations, and it’s vital that you have access to this up to date information in order to keep you and your family as safe as possible. If you are advised to evacuate your home, for example, due to hurricane conditions approach, then every single minute counts.

Emergency Radios . . . Essential Survival Equipment

Emergency radios are a little different to the usual AM/FM mains/battery powered radio. According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency there are some things which every family ought to have in case of an emergency (a hurricane emergency or any other type of emergency for that matter). Top of the list is water, closely followed by food, closely followed by an emergency radio . . . yes, it’s that important. The recommended emergency radios are either hand cranked or battery powered, in case the power goes down for any length of time during the emergency situation. Your emergency radio should also have “an NOAA Weather Radio tone alert”.

Emergency Radios – Instant Warning

Emergency radios will provide vital, potentially life saving information as soon as a weather warning is broadcast. Make sure that your emergency radio has Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E.) which is programmed to receive all of the emergency weather broadcasts which are for your location, plus a Weather Alert Feature for all NOAA weather information. If your emergency radio is set up to receive this type of information then it will switch itself on automatically should the need arise, sending an alarm through your radio and providing you with up to date important information . . . you need to receive this type of emergency information as quickly as possible, and with the right emergency radio it can all happen immediately.

Hurricanes don’t generally occur without warning, they are often tracked for several days before they eventually arrive on the land which means that you should have plenty of warning to evacuate your home if necessary. If you live in a “hurricane hotspot” you might not feel the need to have an emergency radio which switches itself on automatically, but should choose one which can keep a constant connection to local broadcasts and weather channels.

Wise words indeed Capt. Rob . . . wise words indeed. You pirates certainly seem to know about planning for the worst and hoping for the best.

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