Hurricane Preparedness: Office Survival Kits

Small first aid kit.

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It’s Bad Enough Getting Stuck in the Office . .

. . . without getting stuck in the office during a hurricane or other disaster, when your disaster survival kit is safely stored at home. Many people spend many hours a day away from home, and so really do need to be prepared if a disaster strikes whilst they are at work during the day. A hurricane office survival kit doesn’t have to take up much space and can be safely stored under the desk or in your bottom drawer for Justin, Justin who . . . Justin Case of course, huh, he can get his own office hurricane survival kit! Yuk, just imagine having to spend even longer with the office bore, better make sure you have some earplugs in your office survival kit. What else might you need: 

  • water – you might be able to survive for a couple of days without food (days!! more like hours), but you can’t survive very long at all without water, so make sure that there’s plenty of it in your hurricane survival kit
  • energy bars or high calorie food bars
  • emergency candle (you can get them up to 30 hours you know)
  • mini radio with batteries and headphones (you can use it to drown out the office bore if you forget the earplugs)
  • rechargeable flashlight
  • survival whistle
  • waterproof matches
  • emergency sleeping bag
  • emergency poncho . . . very “Fistful of Dollars” . . .
  • one of those knives which does loads of different things – multi-function, that’s the word I was looking for
  • dust mask
  • toothbrush, toothpaste, soap, wet-wipes, deodorant, razor, shampoo, washcloth etc
  • first aid kit
  • pencil & notepad
  • playing cards – even if you have to play “Solitaire” at least it helps to pass the time.

And there you have it, all of the stuff you’re gonna need to survive in the office if a hurricane or other disaster strikes. Wonder if you’ll get paid for the over-time? It’s worth a try I suppose.

I bet that guy can’t wait to get away from the office . . . imagine if you were stuck with him after a hurricane or disaster!


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