Hurricane Preparedness: Flood Insurance

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Flooding resulting from Hurricane Katrina

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Hurricanes and flooding kind of go hand in hand, well, hurricanes don’t always result in floods, but very often they do. Rather surprisingly, lots of people imagine that their usual house insurance will cover them against flood damage in a hurricane . . . WRONG! There’s an estimate that only around 20% of Americans who live in areas with a real flooding danger have got adequate flood insurance . . . unfortunately the other 80% don’t often find out that they’re not covered until it’s too late and their (useless) policy is floating across the kitchen!

Homes at Risk of Flooding

The FEMA’s flood hazard maps will show you the risk of your home flooding, as some community’s are at a much higher risk of flooding than others. That doesn’t mean to say, of course, that if your home is in a low risk zone then you’re “home and dry” so to speak, because flooding can and does still happen even in the most unlikely of areas.

Next thing to do is to find a flood insurance policy for your home (the insurance company will need to know the flood risk of the area where you live). Don’t wait until the water is rising before thinking about organizing flood insurance for your home, ‘cos by then it’ll be way too late.

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