Hurricane Preparedness: School Survival Kits


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Hurricanes Can Strike At Any Time . . .

. . . and when they do you need to be prepared, even at school. You can protect your child whilst they are at school by providing them with a school survival kit which can be easily stored in a classroom or locker . . . for just in case.  Teachers also have a tremendous responsibility to care for the pupils in the care if a disaster strikes . . . it’s a good idea for each teacher to have access to emergency supplies for each and every member of the class.

What sort of thing should be included in a school survival kit? Well, I suppose it largely depends on the age of your child, for children under the age of 11 you should think about:

  • water – and plenty of it
  • calorie food or energy bars
  • rechargeable flashlight . . . there are some flashlights available these days which can be recharged by giving them a squeeze, that’s a good idea for children don’t you think, saves messing about and changing batteries (you know how kids love to play with flashlights, especially when it isn’t dark)
  • survival whistle – I know that this might not sound very appealing to teacher . . . a class full of 11 year olds tooting their whistles, but a survival whistle really is a great idea
  • emergency glow stick – these really are great fun too, and can last for 24 hours each
  • fleecy blanket and/or emergency poncho
  • 16 – 20 hour body warmer which can automatically heat up
  • dust mask
  • winter mittens or gloves
  • soap, tissues, wet wipes, toothbrush, toothpaste
  • small first aid kit (bandages, fabric strips, clear strips etc)
  • crayons and coloring books
  • toys

And that should be enough to keep the little darlings safe and happy until the rescuers arrive. The thought of being separated from a young child during a hurricane is, quite frankly, horrifying, but at least if they’ve got a hurricane school survival kit handy you’ll know that they’ve got the essential equipment they’ll need to keep them safe, comfortable,  healthy and amused. 

Of course, as girls get older their emergency school survival kits will include stuff like mascara, pimple cover up cream and hair clips, but that’s something they really need to sort out for themselves.


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