Hurricane Survival – Keeping The Kids Happy (And Safe) During a Hurricane Emergency

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. . . Whilst Retaining Your Own Sanity

Hurricane Emergency Situations are terrible for everyone, but whilst some adults might find the opportunity to sit in the cellar wrapped in a blanket and catching up on the latest Stephen King novel (if they DARE) quite appealing and a refreshing change from office life, then just think about how difficult it could be to keep the kids not only safe, but also entertained. After all, a happy child is a happy parent . . . don’t you agree?

Hurricane Survival Guide (With Children)

Hurricane emergency situations are fraught with danger, and can be extremely boring. Let’s start with some supplies which you really need to have handy in order to keep everybody healthy and safe!

  • Toiletry kits – for every member of the family
  • Disinfectant – protect yourself from potential diseases in flood water
  • Work gloves – yep, keep ’em covered for extra protection
  • Soap – either a bar or liquid, it really doesn’t matter, but soap is the best bacterial killer around
  • Baby / Hand wipes – just to be on the safe side
  • Towels – both cloth and paper
  • Plenty of diapers etc if necessary

And what about keeping the little darlings entertained. Here are a few ideas of things to pack, and things to do:

  • Paper, crayons, coloring books
  • Reading books
  • Puzzle books
  • Chores and responsibilities – maybe sorting through picture albums, being in charge of some supplies
  • Games – board games, mind games, memory games – learning the names of states, presidents, capitols, learning a little math recall etc
  • Favorite cuddly toys and sleeping companions – blankets etc.
  • Pacifiers (only probably for the under 3’s)

Of course, we all need our very own survival kits to come out sane and well at the other end of a hurricane emergency, perhaps there are a few things which I haven’t mentioned. Use your imagination . . .

Helping Your Children To Cope When The Hurricane Has Gone

Okay, you’ve managed to keep yourself, and your kids happy, healthy and sane throughout the hurricane (well, as sane as you all were beforehand anyway), but children do often react to such emergency situations in a different way to adults, in face, they are very often heavily influenced by the thoughts, behaviors and actions of adults during a situation such as a hurricane. Children may become withdrawn and worried about the disaster happening again, worried that somebody close to them may be injured or even killed and that they could be left all alone.

How to Reassure Children After a Hurricane – or Other Disaster

  • There’s nothing quite so reassuring to a child as personal contact – lots of hugs are important
  • Encourage children to talk about how they feel
  • Spend extra time with young children after a hurricane, especially at bedtime
  • As soon as is possible, re-establish their normal daily routine – school, meals, play, bed etc
  • Recognize responsible behavior and heap on the praise
  • Encourage your children to become involved in a new family disaster plan
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