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Let There Be Light

Emergency flashlights come in useful in all sorts of situations, not just hurricane emergencies. Wise, organized types of people know this very well, and always have an emergency flashlight handy. Other people who are wise but a little less well organized usually know that they have an emergency flashlight somewhere at the back of the cupboard, but find it impossible to find it when the power goes down . . . that’s no good is it? Of course, there are also those people who are neither wise nor organized who jump into the car to buy an emergency flashlight when the need arises – just like all of the other disorganized people in the neighborhood.

Emergency flashlights these days are much more than a way to see in the dark, like when the power is out during a hurricane or other emergency, some of them also have a built-in radio so whilst all of your disorganized neighbors are sitting out the storm in the dark wondering what on earth is happening, you’ll not only be able to see what you’re doing but also have a little entertainment on hand, not to mention listening out for the latest weather reports and instructions.

New emergency flashlights, unlike older models, generally use LED bulbs and there are a variety of colors to choose from. Some of these flashlights can light up for between 10 and 24 hours when they’re all fully charged and ready for action, some of the really high-tech models can run up to an amazing 400 hours . . . which is hopefully plenty of time to keep you going.

He takes the business of emergency flashlights very seriously indeed . . . but he seems like a nice guy with a nice chuckle, I like guys who chuckle.

Emergency Flashlight LED Glow Sticks

Glow sticks are great, I remember getting something similar for my kids at the local fairground . . . you just had to snap ’em and they’d glow in different colors, they thought it was great fun. Anyway, somewhere along the line these kids novelties developed into fully functioning emergency flashlight LED glow sticks, actually, maybe the kids ones were developed from the all singing, all dancing emergency light sticks now I come to think about it. It don’t really matter, but these emergency flashlight LED glow sticks are great things to have around in an emergency situation.

Yeah, I knew I’d seen them somewhere before.

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