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. . . Is There a Doctor In the House

NO, but there’s a first aider!

Emergency first aid is something which everybody should know . . . because you never know when you might need to use it. Following on from that, an emergency first aid kit should be handy in every situation, because first aid supplies can be needed at any time of the night or day. It doesn’t even have to be a disaster situation – hurricane, tropical storm, flooding etc – first aid supplies should always be available. Most of the supplies listed can be found from online sites like Disaster Preparedness, making it possible for you to find everything you need from the comfort of your home

There should be a first aid kit:

  • in the house
  • in the car
  • at the office or place of work
  • at school
  • at the gym

you getting the idea? Okay, so what needs to be included in the emergency first aid kit? For ideas, Mountainside Medical Equipment and Supplies breaks down different categories for all medical needs.

  • Band aids and adhesive bandages of assorted shapes and sizes. Little ones, big ones, square ones, round ones, rectangular ones . . . you can even get ones with cartoon characters for the children
  • Bandages with safety pins . . . triangular ones are a good idea for making a sling . . . can you remember how to make a sling? Think back to the boy scouts or girl guides, everybody did their first aid badge didn’t they?
  • Gauze pads – in assorted shapes and sizes.
  • Scissors – in case your gauze pads are not the right size or shape
  • Tape
  • Examination gloves – you know those really thin rubbery latex ones, they smell a bit funny and can take a bit of getting used to but these days EVERBODY wears them . . . doctors, dentists, car mechanics (stops them from getting oil under their nails).
  • Tweezers – you never know when you’ll have to extract something small.
  • Burn cream – is really handy in your emergency first aid kit.
  • Alcohol pads – yes PADS, it’s not for drinking, it’s for cleaning.
  • Antiseptic towelettes and wipes.
  • Instruction manual . . . well, we can’t all be expected to remember everything can we?

Yeah, that’s good, but do you think he’ll be able to get all that stuff back into his case?

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