Warning – Hurricanes Are Getting More Powerful & More Dangerous

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As Well As More Frequent

Have you noticed that hurricanes have started to get more powerful, more dangerous and more frequent? Well, I don’t know where you’ve been hiding if you haven’t.  The experts tell us that it’s all to do with global warming, things like;

  • warmer water in the ocean pumps even more energy into tropical storms
  • this extra energy makes the tropical storms even stronger and more potentially destructive
  • storms of the same intensity can cause more damage these days, due to the higher sea levels increasing the danger from flooding, storm surges and erosion
  • ocean temperature – and the number of storms reaching category 4 or 5 has increased greatly over the past 30 years or so
  • the costliest hurricane was in 2005, Hurricane Katrina causing economic losses somewhere around the order of $125 billion – I wonder when there’ll be another one to beat that?

Hopefully the lessons learned and precautions put into place will mean that we are all becoming more “hurricane savvy” and have learned how to protect ourselves and our families from the very real danger of these powerful hurricanes . . . let’s hope so.


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