How to Donate to Charity

How to Donate to Charity

No matter what kind of day, week, month or year you’re having, you can just about guarantee that there’ll be somebody somewhere who is a lot worse off than you are. Even if money’s a bit short (and, let’s face it, money has been in short supply for lots of people over the last couple of years) there are other ways to give, and helping others really does give you a warm glowing feeling inside.

Tin Rattlers – they’re everywhere aren’t they, usually waiting for your small change after you’ve bought your coffee/newspaper/hot dog. Most of us don’t mind giving away our coppers, and although it isn’t going to make a great difference to our lives, every little helps. Make sure that the collection is for a registered charity though – there are a few chancers out there too!

Food/Clothes/Blankets – after a major disaster such as Hurricane Katrina, there is always a need for food, warm clothes and bedding to try to make the lives of the victims just that little bit more comfortable in the immediate aftermath. Look out for details of collection points close to where you live, you don’t have to give away your best stuff but it doesn’t harm to clear out your closet every once in a while. Supermarkets will often set up a collection point where you can donate cans of food etc, so why not buy a couple of extra cans of soup and pop them in?

Charity Shops – are always grateful for anything you can supply them with too, so if you have any old clothes, kids toys and games, books, hardware, really anything which you have lying around and could be useful to someone else. Don’t fill up the garbage with this old stuff for it to end up on a land-fill site, recycle it via your local charity shop.

Fund Raisers – are a great way for organizers to make some money for a needy charity, so why not buy a couple of tickets to a dinner and auction, for example. You’ll be doing a good turn while having a great time.

Online donation sites – of course, the internet has made giving to charities (and getting the word out about emergency situations) much simpler for all. You don’t even have to leave your home to donate to charities such as the Bush Clinton Katrina Fund, you can simply log on to their website or another of the “giving” websites and make your donation online.

Some charities are run on a completely voluntary basis and make sure that 100% of your donation will go to help the worthy cause, others do take a percentage of the contributions towards running costs etc. If this is a concern of yours, it shouldn’t be difficult for you to discover what percentage of your donation will actually go to help the people you want to help, but remember, without the tireless work of the charity workers, none of it would happen anyway.

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