Hurricane Preparedness: Auto Safety Items

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Be Prepared For a Disaster to Strike

Hurricanes don’t generally appear without warning, but who knows where you’ll be when a hurricane or similar disaster strikes. At home, at work, at school, in the car? Who knows what you’ll have to do – stay put (with the possibility of being stuck for days or even weeks), evacuate your property, help others. These are the reasons why we must all be prepared before a disaster strikes, we need to be prepared at home, we need to be prepared at work, at school and we need to have a supply of auto safety items stashed in the trunk of the car. Hurricanes aren’t the only thing which can go wrong you know, you never know when you may be involved (or witness) an automobile accident, a breakdown, a flat tire. Making sure you have good window wipers and that your tires are properly maintain is good practice in general, look for  tires that are designed for the terrain in your area. Being prepared can help to turn a potential disaster into nothing more than a minor inconvenience . . . really!

Hurricane Preparedness – In The Trunk

So, what do you need to carry in your trunk just in case you get caught up in some sort of disaster?

    • A “call the police” distress flag, that’s a sure fire way to catch the attention of a passer by
    • 2 Plastic triangles (to be placed a good few yards at either side of the vehicle)
    • Supply of bandages and safety pins
    • Supply of band aids in various sizes and shapes
    • Supply of gauze dressing pads in various sizes and shapes
    • Scissors
    • Vinyl examination gloves
    • Cotton wool or pads
    • Alcohol pads (not the drinking type, the sterilizing type)
    • Antiseptic cleansing wipes
    • Insect sting relief cream or pads
    • Burn cream
    • Ibuprofen
    • Emergency blanket or poncho
    • Waterproof rain gear
    • Flashlight (with batteries which actually work)
    • Light stick (just in case your batteries die)
    • Water – a supply of fresh, clean water is also very handy
    • Energy bars – you never know how long you might have to wait before help arrives
    • Camera – I know that most cell phones can take photos, but if you don’t have one handy then it’s a great idea to carry a disposable camera to take photos of accident damage etc. Insurance companies sometimes find those very interesting indeed.
    • Pen and paper . . . for jotting things down, it’s amazing how much stuff you might forget after the event.
    • Tool kit for minor running repairs
    • Jumper cables
One last thing, that is outside the trunk, be sure to carry car insurance before the hurricane strikes, not after.

He’s pretty well prepared don’t you think? Well done mate . . . I just love him don’t you . . .  “I don’t generally carry food because I’m fat” . . . “but in cold weather even a fat person” . . . not very politically correct but he’s talking about himself so that’s okay!



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