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Hurricanes are one type of tropical cyclone, the term given to this type of low pressure system formed in the tropics. Tropical cyclones usually involve thunderstorms and, (if you’re north of the equator), a rapid circulation of the wind in a counterclockwise direction close to the surface of the earth . . . tornadoes.

Hurricanes and tropical storms occur in all areas of the Atlantic and the Gulf of Mexico, which has an affect on the Pacific Coast and the whole of the Southwest United States. Every year these areas are subjected to heavy rains and flooding, usually the handywork of hurricanes which were spawned off Mexico.

Hurricanes are seasonal (a bit like strawberries), and although the season runs from the beginning of June to the end of November, the worst of the hurricanes usually happen from around the middle of August through to the end of October. This is when everyone who lives in a hurricane danger zone really does need to make sure that they, their families and their homes are fully prepared in order to survive “hurricane season”.

Hurricanes are not only a danger to those who live in coastal regions, but also cause immense amounts of damage even hundreds of miles inland. A tropical storm is classed as a hurricane if the winds reach 74 miles per hour or more, but wind speeds can be in excess of 155 miles per hour . . . that’s some strength! It isn’t only the winds which cause problems though in hurricanes and tropical storms, the majority of the damage is caused by storm surges and flooding, heavy rainfall and tornadoes whipping across the countryside.

Hurricanes are classified into categories, but don’t let lower numbers fool you, Hurricane Floyd only reached a category level 1 but still managed to uproot around 19 million trees and cause damage of more than a billion dollars (yes, billion).

Hurricanes are dangerous, make sure that you’re prepared before the next one starts brewing.

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