Hurricane Preparedness: Prepare Your Business

The island of Manhattan, from which the term i...

The island of Manhattan, from which the term is derived. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

. . . And Help It To Survive The Hurricane

Businesses have a hard enough time surviving the economic storms these days, without the added complication of hurricane storms in many areas of the United States. It’s crucial that you have the right type of hurricane disaster plan in place to make sure that, when the hurricane storm blows away you’ve still got a business to go back to. A good business hurricane emergency plan can help to save lives, the company assets, in fact, your whole business. People spend decades or even generations building up a successful business . . . don’t let it get washed away with one hurricane tropical storm.

Prepare Your Business for a Hurricane Emergency

  • Disaster and Hurricane Emergency Planning should be a part of your business plan from the very beginning, in fact, all businesses, regardless of where they are located need to have a business continuinty plan which will account for both natural disasters and man made hazards.
  • Involve Co-Workers in Your Hurricane Disaster Plan, if a hurricane disaster strikes you’re all in it together.
  • Hurricane Disaster Plan – have frequent drills and exercises to practice your busineess hurricane disaster plan.
  • Promote Hurricane Awareness – encourage your employees, plus their families to have their own hurricane disaster plans, including having their own disaster supply kits and keeping informed of the situation.
  • Hurricane information is a very important part of your business preparedness plan. You need to be informed about what particular hazards could affect your business before you can even think about planning to deal with them.
  • Hurricane emergencies can cause problems to your business, property, and your businesses most valuable asset . . . staff. Remember that when you’re taking into account the value of your business assets.
  • Hurricane emergency – to go or to stay. You are responsible for the safety of your staff whilst they are at work, and if a hurricane emergency hits whilst your business is open then you need to have plans in operation about whether your business should be evacuated (and to where) or whether it is safe for everyone to sit tight.
  • Emergency supplies may be required . . . fresh drinking water, food, medical supplies, warmth etc in the event of staff being held up at your business propery for any length of time.
  • Fire is one of the greatest hazards to affect a business, even in the floods of a tropical hurricane storm. Make sure that you business is covered for insurance against fire and other disasters.


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