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Make Sure That All Members of Your Family Are Safe

Hurricanes cause havoc and devastation for communities, families and properties, but there’s someone (or something) else which needs to be part of your hurricane preparedness program . . . before the hurricane strikes . . . and that’s your beloved pets. Pets do depend on their owners for their care before a hurricane, and nothing changes during or after the hurricane has gone . . . in fact, that’s when they are even more dependant on you than before. If you have pets you need to prepare for their needs in advance of a hurricane, anticipating all eventualities. The most effective way to be prepared is to imagine that all services will be disrupted . . . power, stores, water, roads, phones . . . and then figure out how you can prepare for your pets properly in such an emergency hurricane situation.

Be Prepared In Case Of Evacuation – it might seem unlikely at the beginning of the hurricane that you will be evacuated, but you still need to be prepared just in case the worst happens. Make sure that you have everything ready to “grab” if you do need to be evacuated, including your pets ID and papers, food, water, carrier, leash, muzzle (if necessary) and any medication.

Take Pets With You – if you are evacuated during a hurricane emergency it’s very important that you take your pets with you if at all possible.  If you leave your animals behind they can easily become injured, killed or lost. You may imagine that they are safe inside the house but can easily escape or become injured during hurricane storm damage. However . . . taking pets with you might not always be an option, in which case you need to be even more organized.

    • Public transport does not always allow pets to hitch a ride .  .  . bus routes could very well be changed because of hurricane damage. If you rely on public transport you could need a back-up plan.
    • Get out quickly. If you see that an evacuation is on the cards don’t hang about until the emergency services are insisting upon emergency evacuations . . . you might not be able to take your pets with you in such a situation.
    • Some emergency shelters will not accommodate pets . . . check it out and keep a list of pet friendly accommodation which is likely to be a safe distance from the hurricane. If you think you may have to evacuate your home because of a hurricane emergency give them a call before you leave home (and whilst the phone lines are still working) to see if they have the space available. Public compounds and shelters could soon find themselves over-flowing with animals.
    • Check with friends and family about who may be willing to care for your pets in a hurricane emergency. If you have lots of pets you might have to rely on lots of friends.

Make sure that ALL members of your family are safe and accounted for when the next hurricane strikes. . . .


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